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Round Two! Cancer Missed Me I Guess....

Round Two. Wait. Are you kidding me? I think I blocked out the day my San Diego Oncologist informed me that Ovarian Cancer is the one cancer that usually comes back.

History: Between August and December 2016 I felt sharp stabbing pains on both and sides of my ovaries. It felt like bad PMS sticking it to me...crap being a woman is rough! After several mentions to my doctor about this, I couldn't ignore the pain anymore and eventually had an ultrasound which proved there was something there. Instead of acting on the growths right away, I was told we'd just keep an eye on them, getting another ultrasound a month later. I was told they were probably just cysts which are common in women my age 52. The word Cancer wasn't ever mentioned. By December the tumors had grown enough for me to be referred to another doctor who would just remove them if I wanted. HA! If I wanted? I had to wait for an opening for surgery until January to laparoscopically remove the masses which went from 1-2 cms to now 5-7 cms in size. Therefore to play it safe, the decision was a full hysterectomy since I wasn't planning on having any more kids. Ok Let's do this! Well after leaving the hospital that evening after surgery with a catheter as my new purse (since I was unable to pee there) I was told everything was out and dandy.

2 days later I get a phone call from my surgeon with the lab results. He started out with, "Would you like to come in or can I tell you over the phone?" Well, that's a silly thing to say. You just told me I was fine 2 days ago, why would I want to sit down? Tell me now, I say. You made a mistake and you have Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer. BOOM! There goes my whole world.

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